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Open Access:  You do not need to register for use, nor log in, if you are interested in using the site for land use or conservation planning. Anyone can freely view and create maps of conservation status and values by clicking the Map tab above.

Site Registration:  A user must be registered to submit a site for project review and/or access additional sensitive Natural Heritage Resources data.  If you represent a company, conservation organization, or government agency desiring this service, please register for an account to begin your participation.

Site Help:  Please feel free to review our Help documentation for further assistance.

Help Documents for Submitting a Project:

HabiMap: Many of the map layers available in HabiMap™ Arizona are available in the Online Environmental Review Tool through web services.  Please refer back to for the full metadata and additional information regarding layers under the heading HabiMap. 

This site provides interactive access to various map data representing conservation values in Arizona.  Using this site satisfies Phase I compliance of the desktop review for Threatened and Endangered Species under NEPA

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